10 developer podcasts you should be listening to!

As web/app developer I’m always looking for inspiration and trying to learn new tricks that will help me become a better developer. While I’m working I often listen to some podcasts that are relevant to my current project. That way I can try out new technology right away. If you are looking for some inspiration here is my top 10 developer podcasts that I’m listening to.

Web related

  1. The Freelancers’s Show
  2. ShopTalk Show
  3. JavaScript Jabber
  4. Enterprogrammers
  5. CSS-Tricks Screencasts
  6. The Hello World Podcast
  7. Core Intuition

App related

  1. The iDeveloper Podcast
  2. That Android Show
  3. Developing Perspective

This was my top 10 list of web/app related podcasts. I’m always looking for new quality podcasts, so if you are listening to some podcasts that are not listed here, please let me know by leaving a comment below.