Sneak peek on Ti.Feedback module

Here is a quick sneak peek on Ti.Feedback module that I’m currently working on. My idea behind this module is to create a more user friendly approach, when asking them to give us some feedback on our apps.

The module is working as overlay to the current content. And I’m trying to keep the implementation as simple as possible. This is what I’ve got so far. I will publish this module on GitHub as soon as the code gets more clean :)

var TiFeedback = require("/lib/Feedback/Ti.Feedback");
var Feedback = new TiFeedback.Feedback();
        appStartsBeforeShow:10, // Number of times your app has been uased, before showing this dialog.
        topBarImage:"/lib/Feedback/icon_happy.png", // topBar icon. Could be your app logo or a happy face :)
        title:"Do you like Sunshine?", // Title of the dialog window.
        message:"We would love if you had the time\n to give us some feedback.\nThanks you in advance.", // Friendy message.
        buttonNames:["Let everyone know on AppStore","Let me know what I can do better","No thanks"], // Array with your buttons
        cancel:2, // Array index of the cancle button.
        clickEvent:function(obj)// Callback that wil return index of the clicked button.